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Hearing Loss Impacts Everyone

Hearing loss not only impacts the individual, but also those family, friends, and co-workers that try to communicate with them every day. Today’s modern hearing aids are much easier to hide than an untreated hearing loss. People often assume a hearing challenged person is being rude or arrogant when they don’t answer them or acknowledge something said to them. In fact, untreated hearing loss has similar symptoms to early on-set dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Being responsible for our own hearing impairment is being responsible to the people we care about most. Annual Hearing evaluations are an important part of routine healthcare.

Why Choose Us?

Licensed hearing care providers with over 60 years of educated experience.

We work with most major insurance providers, including TruHearing, United Healthcare, HealthNet, Regence and others.

Starting with a clean ear canal is the first step to better hearing. We provide solutions to clean your ears professionally.

Offering cleaning and performance checks to maximize your hearing benefit.

We are privately owned and not focused on profit driven corporations.

Community Support

We provide outreach services to homebound patients and retirement living communities.

What is our truth about our practice?

You will be treated with friendly care and cost-conscious solutions to your hearing needs. We treat each patient as though they were part of our own family.

We adopt patients from other practices with a smooth transition and provide a Continued Care Service package at an affordable price. We believe everyone is entitled to hear the very best they can, regardless of their personal financial situation.