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Total Patient Care

We are a full service, privately owned hearing aid provider. Our “45 day No-Risk” evaluation period guarantees you will hear better or pay nothing. (see store for details).

Considering Better Hearing?

Our answers to your questions will be centered on what’s best for your individual needs. Even if that means sending you elsewhere for what you need.

What is most
important to you?

We are in the business of better communication, we listen to our patients. Your input will help guide us to the best hearing care solution for your specific needs.

What is your knowledge level about hearing aid technology?

We will put the features and benefits of today’s high tech hearing devices into understandable conversation. We don’t need to impress you with fancy words or technological babble. We will impress you with the care and quality of the devices we dispense.

How can we do better?

We are continually seeking out affordable solutions for our patients, and are always open to our patient’s input and suggestions.